This spring I begrudgingly attended the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Professional Educators Conference in Middleton, Wisconsin. This is an annual conference to earn continuing education credits required to keep my certified diabetes educator credential.

I attend in anticipate that “things” have changed and this will be the year I am inspired and hopeful for the future of diabetes care. Sadly, this wasn’t the year.
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How do YOU handle the holidays?

This week I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in Dallas, Texas. I am looking forward to catching up, competitive games with big wins for bragging rights, lots of hooting and hollering watching football and of course the delicious food.

This week in my coaching sessions it came up frequently, “How to YOU handle the holidays?”

A key point to note is, holiDAY. Thanksgiving is one day, not a week or furthermore a six week stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years. So let’s get that straight. Don’t turn concerns over one day into a six week debacle. Each meal is an opportunity for a fresh start, should you overdo it.
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Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Several years ago I never ate a Brussel sprout in my life. One of those vegetables I had no interest in trying and did not appeal to me at all. I just assumed I would not like it. I believe I heard a story or two of how awful they were and besides my mother never made them, so they had to be terrible, right?

So wrong! Times have changed and now I can truly say I love Brussel sprouts. With my husband’s encouragement, I sheepishly tried them and it was love at first bite. Read More →